I am just creating this page so its in development but my intent is to put larger projects on this page if you are wanting something more demanding.  I may have just the pictures here as I am unsure of how uptodate (im still working out the kinks of it all) putting the entire content on this page instead of the blog feed page you will be kept.  Pictures on this page will help keep the front page less bogged down as well.  My other thought is to just have a quick reference on the main blog page to notify everyone that a new project has been added here.  I think that might work well.  If you have a preference let me know!  I think the first project that I will highlight is my own design for a really cute summer dress using a circle skirt for the skirt base (nothing like the olden day circle skirts mind you).  I think you will really enjoy making this dress for your little ones or older kiddos if they like summer dresses that are funky and functional at the same time. Afterall what little girl doesn't like to look kewl :)! As I make this dress I will take pictures and of course an end picture so that you can duplicate the dress if you like.